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Bits and pieces 25.05.2016
On the way home 02.05.2016
Three days in Clitheroe 30.04.2016
Up and down the Royal Mile 26.04.2016
I FINALLY got there, Newtownstewart 26.04.2016
Dublin, done and dusted... 21.04.2016
Tour of the Tower 19.04.2016
A day with the stars.... 18.04.2016
Lots of London... 17.04.2016
A day at the V and A 14.04.2016
Versailles in all it´s glory... 12.04.2016
Notre dame, galettes lunch, and a bit of D´orsay 08.04.2016
Afternoon jaunt to the Petite Palais.. 07.04.2016
Beautiful Burano 05.04.2016
First day in Venice 04.04.2016
Last day in Rome 02.04.2016
All churched out...Rome will do that to you. 01.04.2016
Excuse me, I seem to have lost the Vatican... 30.03.2016
Two stops away on the Metro.. 29.03.2016
A day at rhe Alcazar of Seville 28.03.2016
Spain Square, the Golden Tower, and the Parasol... 24.03.2016
Day in Utrera 24.03.2016
Thoughts about Amsterdam and Utrecht 18.03.2016
The day of the Nightwatchmen... 16.03.2016
Recovering from Jetlag 14.03.2016